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The confirmed date for the 29th event which as usual is dependent on tidal conditions so close to Port Phillip Heads is Monday 2nd January 2017. Monday is a Public Holiday (additional day for New Year's Day).


Thank you to the 1 547 swimmers that registered for one of the 28th Rip View Swim Classic swims ( Season 2015 / 2016 ) on Sunday 3rd January 2016.   

Many thanks to our event sponsors and supporters and a huge shout out to the large team of dedicated club members and friends that worked hard all day to bring you the swim in testing conditions.

We have had a large amount of positive feedback which we really appreciate and from your feedback the inaugural 3.8 was a success.


This 1.4km open water swim is one of the three big swims on the Victorian Summer Calendar and a favourite especially for those new to open water swimming. The location at Port Phillip Heads makes our swim totally dependent on low tide, and we carefully select the most suitable date between Christmas and the Pier to Pub.



The 3.8km swim, starts at the Santa Casa (Nun's) Beach (Henry Street Queenscliff - Beach Marker 8B) at 11:00am and hugs the Lonsdale Bight until it joins up with the start of the 1.4km swim at the Spring's Beach (Bowen Road Point Lonsdale - Beach Marker 5B). It then follows the traditional course to the finish line, opposite the Point Lonsdale Front Beach Shops. 


Come along and support this major fundraiser for the Point Lonsdale Surf Life Saving Club at arguably Point Lonsdale's biggest annual event.



Thanks to our 28th Rip View Swim Classic sponsors   


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Previous Swim Results



Results of the   January 2016 event are available from the link below: total 1,547 registrations.  


Results of the  December 2014 event are available from the link below: total 1,343 swimmers.


Results of the December 2013 event are available from the link below: total 1,313 swimmers.


For any results / timing queries please contact Tomato Timing:


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